I create a website using the Twenty Seventeen theme in wordPress.

When you post an article with the "Post" function, the title of the article will be added and displayed on the website, but an unknown cause "_" mark will appear at the beginning. How can I turn this off? Note that whether or not the "_" mark is present depends on the length of the article title and whether or not "" is written at the beginning of the article title.

・ There is "_" ①

・ There is "_" ②

・ No "_" ("" in the title)

・ Check the following code

<? php query_posts ('category_name = news&showposts = 40');?>
<? php if (have_posts ()): while (have_posts ()): the_post ();?>
 "><? php the_date (" Y/m/d ");?>
<? php the_title ();?>
<? php endwhile;endif;?>

・ Check if there is no "_" mark at the beginning of each article title

・ Change the length of each article title

-Add symbols such as "" to each article title

  • Answer # 1


                       "title ="">                                                

    I changed it to

    and somehow the underbar disappeared!

  • Answer # 2

    I can't tell if the image is a problem with HTML or CSS ...

    What happens when you check the HTML source code and CSS with a web browser developer tool?

    If _ is written in the title display part of the HTML source, isn't processing such as hooking in the_title processing? There may be a possibility of processing with a plug-in.
    If it is not listed, you may have added it in CSS or JavaScript. Check CSS or JavaScript.

    Is the same problem occurring when changing to another standard theme (Twenty sixteen or Twenty Nineteen)?

    If it does not occur in other themes, it may be caused by the customized part of the theme php file, CSS, functions.php, etc. I think that it is better to reconfirm the centered part.

    If it occurs in other themes, post data and plug-ins are presumed to be the cause. Check the settings of the plug-ins again.