I'm having trouble installing an older version of Xcode

I downloaded 6.3.1 from the following site, but there is a difference in the OS version
I get a chest message that I can't install.

The MAC version is Sierra 10.12.6
The following site was written as a supported version
I couldn't.


I would like to know someone who knows.

  • Answer # 1

    The site you are referring to says "10.10.0 (Yosemite) or higher".
    In fact, old Xcode will not work if the macOS version is too new.
    I don't have accurate information on how new it will be, but
    From the touch, the minimum version of macOS that runs Xcode
    There is a possibility that it will stop working if two major versions go up
    It is better to think that it is expensive.

    That is, if you install Xcode 6.3.1, macOS will install Yosemite or El Captian
    You should use it, and it's likely not to work on newer macOS.