About the mglearn module that often appears in title books
What are the specifications for this?

There is no description about how to use it, and even if you do a google search,
The title book got caught and we could n’t find a description about mglearn,
If i have any easy-to-understand documents or materials, please let me know the URL.

Thanks for your response.

  • Answer # 1

    To p11


    This library is written in a detailed code listing, such as graph drawing and data loading, to make this book hard to read.

    It is as


    It exists because it doesn't have a detailed description, but you can't help looking for a detailed description

    Basically it is the data loading and visualization part.
    Read the contents about loading data.
    Things about visualization should be addressed in the book on visualization.

  • Answer # 2

    This is not a commonly used library, but alibrary written by the author of the book for explanation.

    There are no easy-to-understand materials (but only books), but since the code is released on github (and the code for execution will be downloaded locally if installed), there are unclear points in the specification Sometimes it means reading. It's usually not necessary to do that.

    GitHub-amueller/introduction_to_ml_with_python: Notebooks and code for the book "Introduction to Machine Learning with Python"