At a university study session, I read a paper on machine learning, put it together, and publish it.

I have never read a paper and have a hard time.

I am particularly troubled with how to search for papers.
If i know how to find a good paper, please give me a professor. (Summary site etc.)

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    I am particularly troubled with how to search for papers.

    I feel like I'm struggling because I try to publish a new one, trying to stretch out and bracket.
    There are many people who have not read it yet as new, and there are few supplementary materials.
    Why don't you publish paying attention to papers that seem to be close to the starting point or lead to the current basics?

    I think that [Deep Pyramidal Residual Networks with Separated Stochastic Depth] was the paper when a student at Osaka Prefectural University gave the highest accuracy rate at that time.

    There should be a lot of explanations in Japanese, written by Japanese people.
    Even if you don't readthesis with a cool face, you can publish with the body you read!!

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    You need to know the keywords to search for the paper you want using the search system. As long as you look at the questions, it seems that the subject is not clearly defined, so why not take the following steps?

    1. Read a new technical book
    Read the specialized books published in 18-19 to determine the areas of interest. If it is a good book, a list of references is posted, so you can get a list of papers related to your field of interest.
    2. Read the paper (Part 1)
    Read the summary of the paper obtained above, determine the strength of the relationship with your interests, and try to understand the content as appropriate.
    3. Find the latest paper
    The above paper should be a little older, as it is referenced in books published in 18-19. Therefore, it is necessary to search for papers that have been researched based on the results of the paper. Since these papers should cite the paper in some way, search for related papers by quoting the paper.
    4. Read the paper (2)
    Read the newly obtained paper, find out that it is an advanced version of the paper in No. 2, and understand the contents. In some cases, this paper may be further developed, so search again.

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    Google has a search system for articles.

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    How about Google Scholar?
    If you search for Google Scholar, open it, and then search for machine learning or deep learning, you'll see many things! !

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