Inexperienced app creation,
I would like to create a drawing iphone game app.

Can you tell us what kind of creation environment and technology are necessary for creating the following game application?

Game content I want to create

1. Give a theme (example illustration or photo)
2. Copy the theme (take photos on paper instead of in your smartphone)
3. Take a photo and score how similar it is to the example

Can such an application be made with xcode?
Do you need image recognition technology to capture photos and compare them with examples?

I don't make this app suddenly,
I would like to know what you need and use it as a reference.

  • Answer # 1

    I think you can do it if you do your best.
    However, because it is quite advanced, if you just started swift, it might be inevitable.

    swift image analysis

    Deep learning image analysis

    AI artificial intelligence swift

    Python image analysis AI

    Python swift integration

    Google Image Analysis API

    Let's check with keywords such as