I published the app on GooglePlay two days ago, but I can't find it.

I have an application name in the title or description field of the application, but I am in trouble when it does not come out even if searching by application name.

If anyone has any information, I would be happy if you could teach me something. Thank you.

  • Answer # 1


    When you publish an app or update, we ’ll let you know how long it takes for the review process to take effect. If it takes longer to review the update than the time you ’ve notified, and Google Play does n’t reflect the change, troubleshoot the specific issue below.



    Similar to searching on Google, Google Play search considers multiple factors, such as app title, developer name, and app description. To make it easier to find your app, follow the best practices for writing your store listing in a clear way.


    Search results are constantly changing as new apps are published daily and continually changing the ranking of search results. You may also see different search results depending on the user ’s device, location, carrier, support for available features, and more.


    Please note that if you have published paid apps, you can use paid apps in many countries, but not in some countries. For more information, see Google Play filters.


    To get your app listed on Google Play, please visit the Store Listing page:


    Log in to the Play Console.


    Select an app.


    Under the app name, click Show on Google Play.


    app publishing settings of the search issues - Play Console Help

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    I don't have public information, but I hear the same story from this fall.

    In terms of experience, Google Play ’s search algorithm has changed at the same time that Google ’s large-scale search algorithm has changed. I feel that newly registered apps are hard to catch.
    It seems that there are quite a few cases where it is not caught even if searching by the application name in an individual scale application (only irrelevant applications with many DL numbers are displayed).

    I'm not doing anything else, so I'm trying and trying, but no effective countermeasures have been found at this time ...

    There seems to be a story that when you contact Google, you can now search.

    I am looking for information on this matter, so I would appreciate it if you could report the progress of the event in the form of additional notes.

  • Answer # 3

    Does it crash on some devices? For incomplete apps such as crashes, it seems that measures may be taken not to be caught in Google Play search.