What i am trying to do

I want to execute the program of ↓ repeatedly.
When the program ends, I want to run the same program again automatically.

How to try and troubled

I want to create a unit file and execute it repeatedly.

The unit file of ↓ has been created and checked for operation, but it does not work.
(While the data is not updated, the LED keeps blinking and does not start.)

Isn't this possible with unit files?
Also, can you tell me if there are other easy ways?

Shell script

If i do this, it works fine.

#Data update check
/ home/pi/dev/gdrive sync upload/home/pi/data hogehoge
  • Answer # 1

    Since the restart condition is "When abnormally terminated", why not tryRestart = alwaysso that you can restart at any time?

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