As you can see from the title, when making a PC site responsive, which is more efficient if you make it from a smartphone size or a tablet size first? In the end, try to support both.

  • Answer # 1

    Basically mobile first.
    Mock is also made first on mobile, and it is often reflected in the design while adjusting there.
    This may depend on the site, but in the first place there seems to be a technique to create the design comp itself with html first and drop it into the design based on it.
    If the server side is also involved, mock HTML is essential, so it may be in that direction.

  • Answer # 2

    Basically, the size of the PC is similar to the size of the tablet.

    So I think that it is more efficient to make it compatible with smartphones first and make another size with the PC size and the center of the smartphone size as a breakpoint

  • Answer # 3

    Simultaneous progress.
    Rather, in my case

    Export the contents to be displayed in bullets.

    Easily write designs on paper for PC and mobile versions

    Write code

    It ’s like

    I don't personally say "I want to focus on which"
    "Simultaneous progress" or "I do n’t care" is the answer.