Using a plug-in called "Sensei LMS"
I'm making a learning site.

At the bottom of the lesson page
I have a "Lesson Complete" button
It seems that the heading (h2) specification is included

I want to delete the heading "h2" over this button element
I don't know how to write

Applicable source code
The code itself looks like this, but if you change here (color)
Even the color of the page footer will change. "Specify only for button elements"
footer {
    border-top: 3px solid # 337ab7;
footer {
    background-color: # f5f5f5;
By the way, the button element seems to be here ↓, but what do you write here?
.lesson input.quiz-submit.complete, .quiz input.quiz-submit.complete {
    background: # 63a95f;

Click here for the demo screen

Chrome verification image that seems to be applicable

↓ Magnification on the right side

Supplemental information (FW/tool version etc.)

Production: WordPress 5.3
Plug-in: Sensei LMS

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    Maybe Sensei LMS can do it,
    When solving with CSS, I think that it will disappear if I add the following somewhere

    footer: not ([class]) {
      border-top: none;
      background-color: transparent;

    If you look at the HTML, this looks like a footer tag instead of h2
    And since there are two footer tags, one surrounding the lesson completion button and one at the bottom of the page,
    Tying the following will change both designs at the same time

    footer {
        border-top: 3px solid # 337ab7;
    footer {
        background-color: # f5f5f5;

    Also, the footer tag at the bottom of the page has a class specification (class = "section siteFooter"),
    There is no class designation around the lesson completion button
    Use this to add a new CSS to erase the footer tag design without class specification

    Because it is not possible to be surrounded by footer in the first place, if you can edit HTML, we recommend that you delete the footer tag itself rather than messing with CSS