The provisioning profile is about to expire.
I want to publish a new profile and distribute it to users.
The environment will be in-house distribution.
That is the question.

・ Isn't it usable as soon as the profile expires unless the user manually updates the latest app?
・ When I can't use the app, is there a message on the screen?

  • Answer # 1

    From the following article, it seems that it will not be able to start up if it expires.
    【Qiita】 Recommendation for updating internal iOS apps (updated on November 30, 2018) )


    Start apps for over a year without replacing apps
      I can't. I knew it.
      The distribution profile is valid for one year, so if you don't replace the app, it will turn off the life of the app. (Specifically, it will fall at the splash screen. It will be an application that cannot be installed.)