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The following error message occurred while implementing the ■■ function.
I'm making a blog with a personal application, but when jumping from the new button to the view, I got an ActionView :: MissingTemplate in Articles # new error.
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Error message

ActionView :: MissingTemplate in Articles # new

Error message

<% = render 'form', article: @article%>This is said to be strange

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Source code

Create a new blog
<% = image_tag 'design_img_f_1617241_s.png', class: 'article-image padding-top-15'%>

<% = render 'form', article: @article%>The error points out here.

By the way, in _form.html.erb,
<% = form_for article do | f |%>

<% = f.label: title, 'title'%>
<% = f.text_field: title, class: 'form-control'%>

<% = f.label: body, 'Body'%>
<% = f.text_area: body, rows: 10, class: 'form-control'%>

<% = f.submit 'Create new', class: 'btn btn-success'%>
<% end%>

It is specified like this.

<% = render 'form', article: @article%>If i change render to link_to, the title and body will disappear.
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<% = link_to 'form', article: @article%>

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