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Editing asp file in IIS.

The following table tag is written:
There is also a place where vbs code is written in.

Combining the process of writing out the table fromtoas a function,
I want to call the function multiple times, but I don't know how to write it.


<% = Server.HTMLEncode (NAME (i) .Code)%>

<% = NAME (i) .Description%>
<% If NAME (i) .Price (Omitted)

  • Answer # 1

    Try to define a procedure and call it.

      'Define procedure to output table data
      Sub tabledata (ref)
        Response.Write ""
      End Sub
      'Call the procedure
      tabledata ("■■■")
      tabledata ("■■■")
      tabledata ("■■■")

  • Answer # 2

    Create and call a procedure.

    Response.Write (""&Server.HTMLEncode (NAME (i) .Code)&"")
    It was important to write the HTML code in "" and write the server-side script as it is.

    Thank you for this time.