The Javascript that was available no longer works.
I just want the text to appear in the upper right corner of the search engine results page.

From Chrome's bookmark bar, add the corresponding source to "Add page" → "URL".
Clicking on a bookmark after searching displayed text in the upper right corner of the page.

Error message
Error message
Applicable source code

javascript: document.body.contentEditable = 'true';
document.designMode = 'on';
document.getElementById ('rhs_block'). textContent = 'Tetsu';
void 0

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    I think javascript is a bookmarklet.

    I think that the content that moved before was "I tried to display arbitrary text on the right side of the Google search result position page because it is vacant when advertisements etc. are not displayed".

    As before, "When you search for something and the search results page is displayed, open the Inspector (Elements tab) in the Developer Console and check the HTML structure."

    There is nodiv # rhs_blockelement.
    I think it has changed todiv # rhs.

    I think it works as before by modifying the bookmarklet (javascriptregistered in the URL field of the bookmark) with reference to this.