About Animator at unity 5.6.6
I want to bring out animation and particles together when touched

I tried to connect it like this, but only one was played
It does n’t work well
I also don't know if the conditions are correct
I didn't go through the site ...
We don't use script, we are challenging with touch events

  • Answer # 1

    Tap input → Animation playback is working if animation is performed?
    Isn't it just a matter of putting particle regeneration into it? (You can play particles, or SetActive can be true)

    It's hard to answer even if only Animator is issued.
    Since Animator only controls the transition of Animation, it is better to follow other elements on the script side.

    If you really want to control with Animator or the animation side, you can't say that you can play a particle by executing a method with Animation Event, but at the moment of tapping in this case, a tap event will occur. It ’s more natural to have the particle regeneration process happen

    ・ AnimationEvent