I want to pass Go's slice to a function that accepts variable length arguments by reference.

It looks like the following code.

package main
func f (i ... interface {}) {
    // pass to this function by reference
func main () {
    s: = make ([] interface {}, 10)
    f ((&s) ...) // error here

However, this code results in the following error:

cannot use&s (type * [] interface {}) as type [] interface {} in argument to f

Tell me if you have a way to pass Go's slice to a function that accepts variable length arguments.

Although it is necessary to do the above in the process of creating an ORM in the Go language, it would be helpful if you could tell me if there is an alternative.
Specifically, I am trying to do something like the following code.

// db is database/sql.DB
rows, _ = db.Query ("Query")
for rows.Next () {
    numFields: = 10 // actually get the number of fields in the structure (10 is an example)
    datas: = make ([] interface {}, len (numFields))
    rows.Scan (datas ...) // Cannot get value because it cannot be passed by reference

I am in trouble because I can't pass by reference where I commented that "I can't get a value because I can't pass by reference" in this code.
If i have any alternatives to achieve this, other than passing slice to a function that accepts variable-length arguments, it would be helpful.

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    Title and answer as Go specification

    Slice is originally a reference type, so if you change the value by passing a slice to a normal function argument, it will be reflected in the source.
    However, if a variable-length argument is passed as both slices, the result will be like passing by reference.

    package main
    import (
    func f (s ... string) {
        s [1] = ""
    func main () {
        s: = [] string {"a", "b", "c"}
        f (s ...)
        fmt.Println (s)
    How to use rows.Scan

    Each argument of rows.Scan must be a reference type,
    There is no notion of interface type reference type in Go.

    It's a little on the go so it's almost over writing. I will add it later.