vagrant 2.2.5
virtualbox 6.0.12

Error details

Unable to resolve vagrant up error.

Vagrant up was performed on 2 PCs, and 1 PC was able to execute without problems.
The remaining one was investigated by search, but it cannot be solved. . .

If i have solved the same problem, please let us know.

VBoxManage.exe: error: Appliance import failed
VBoxManage.exe: error: Storage for the medium 'C: \ Users \ user name \ VirtualBox VMs \ centos-7-1-1.x86_64_xxxxxxxxxx \ centos-7-1-1.x86_64.vmdk' is not created
VBoxManage.exe: error: Details: code VBOX_E_INVALID_OBJECT_STATE (0x80bb0007), component ApplianceWrap, interface IAppliance
VBoxManage.exe: error: Context: "enum RTEXITCODE __cdecl handleImportAppliance (struct HandlerArg *)" at line 957 of file VBoxManageAppliance.cpp

box is centos7.

  • Answer # 1

    I'm sorry if it doesn't help much. In the first place, import failed, but the disk capacity is enough. . . .

  • Answer # 2

    https://qiita.com/hein946/items/cc44aa8d4061eb00dc5d#31-bios%E8%A8%AD%E5%AE%9A%E3%81%A7%E4%BB%AE% E6% 83% B3% E5% 8C% 96% E6% 94% AF% E6% 8F% B4% E6% A9% 9F% E6% A7% 8Bvt-xamd-v% E3% 82% 92% E6% 9C% 89% E5% 8A% B9% E3% 81% AB% E3% 81% 99% E3% 82% 8B

    Solved above. . .

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