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I want to INSERT into MySQL database using PDO connection with PHP7.4, but no data is added.
I tried to find out the cause, but I couldn't understand the cause without displaying any errors.

Applicable source code
// Error display setting: Display all except notification
error_reporting (E_ALL&~ E_NOTICE);
try {
    // Connect to DB
    $dbh = new PDO ('mysql:'. DB_NAME. ';'. DB_HOST, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD, $err);
    if ($dbh == null) {
        print ('Connection failed.');
    else {
        print ('Connected');
    $a1 = 'abcdef';
    $a2 = 'ghijklm';
    $a3 = 'nopqrst';
    // Create SQL
    $sql = "INSERT INTO sample.data (one, two, three)
    VALUES ('". $A1."', '". $A2."', '". $A3."');";
    // SQL execution)
    $res = $dbh->query ($sql);
    print_r ($res);
catch (PDOException $e) {
    print ('ERROR:'. $e->getMessage ());
Execution result (print_r output contents)
Connected. PDOStatement Object
    [queryString] =>INSERT INTO sample.data (one, two, three)
        VALUES ('abcdef', 'ghijklm', 'nopqrst');

First of all, I checked the if statement to see if an error occurred at the database connection stage. The message "Connected" was displayed, so I think that the connection was successful.
Next, the result obtained by displaying the contents of $dbh->query ($sql) (INSERT INTO sample.data (one, two, three)
VALUES ('abcdef', 'ghijklm', 'nopqrst');) was inserted when logging in mysql and copying.

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Assuming that the IP address on the side running PHP is and the IP address of the connection destination (MySQL server to be connected) is
echo 'mysql:'. DB_NAME. ';'. DB_HOST;results in
mysql: sample;It was
As a result of checking again, there was a table named data in the database named sample at, but it seems that the INSERTs so far have been on this side. The database on is not INSERTed as usual.

  • Answer # 1

    The cause seems to have been a mistake when creating an instance of PDO.

    mysql: '. DB_NAME.';'. DB_HOST

    mysql: dbname = testdb;host = localhost;
    Try adjusting so that the output looks like this.

    Knowledge necessary for MySQL connection with PHP (minimum version)

  • Answer # 2

    Does table sample.data really exist?
    The mysql system seems to enclose identifiers in back quotes, but try it.

    // Create SQL
        $sql = "INSERT INTO` sample.data` (`one`,` two`, `three`) VALUES (: one,: two,: three);";
        // SQL execution)
        $sth = $dbh->prepare ($sql);
        $res = $sth->execute ([
            ': one' =>$a1,
            ': two' =>$a2,
            ': three' =>$a3,
        print_r ($res);
    Try it like