As the title suggests, when I create a partial file with Sass, I would like to solve the problem that the CSS file is automatically generated. As shown in the image, "_ (underscore)" is added to the beginning of the partial file name. The editor used is Vscode and the extension [Easy Sass].

When importing a partial file with style.scss file, it can be saved if it is @import "_responsive.scss", but if "_ (underscore)" and ".scss (extension)" are omitted, an error will occur Is it related to the fact that

"easysass.excludeRegex": "^ _ +"
The above settings are complete.

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    I stopped at the same place
    "easysass.excludeRegex": "^ _ +"
    Is purely ^ _ + Description] (368f5cffb7e76205324d6346314f82cf.png)] (21bceb99d51c070817b33287a00fe37b.png)

    I was able to go if I put it.

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