I want to output forms on the web.

Forms are written in Japanese (Mincho style) with text in the affiliated part + code

Eb server itself is received by other normal rental servers (A)

Receive data for form output in the form of API by POST (scheduled in principle text only), create and return PDF. Azure (B)

I thought that the interaction with the user was (A) done on the server, only the form output part was awaited in (B), received data with AJAX etc. from (A), and output PDF .

Isn't it really possible to operate only the form part of the company's server, but is it okay to pull a normal Windows Server locally and wait for it? I didn't know if the license and cost were ok ...

Because the number of accesses is not going to be that much (at most, about several hundreds per month?) First of all, I thought about trying to use the metered Azure.

At that time, I would like you to be instructed which choice would be correct for this usage.

  1. Run a normal C # app with VirtualMachine
  2. Create and output reports with ASP.Net WebForms
  3. Are you creating with ASP.NET with ASP.NET WebApi? ?
I came up with


In the first place, I think that WebApi will be the operation of Donpisha in the first place, but since the code seems to change completely, as far as investigating whether Report can be done in the first place, it was unknown.
Does System.Web.MVC become System.Web.Http?

If WinForms can stand by, it looks good ...

I thought it would definitely be possible to make it with the desktop application WinForm, run it with VirtualMachine, and wait and output. Is it possible to wait from the outside? I don't understand licensing issues.

In the first place, when I investigated PDF output in PHP around the spring, the free library was not exactly what I expected and even drawing a line was difficult in Japanese.
I thought if I would put the text in a frame that had already been constructed, but the position wasn't exactly decided ... (is it misaligned?)

Is this possible with Azure? As soon as I thought.

Are there any materials around here?

Or you can pay for it, but isn't there any solution if you use it? ?

I understand that it is a miscellaneous question, but there were some questions about the past StackOverflow, but I don't know how you solved it.

  • Answer # 1

    I don't understand the specs well, but if you combine various services on Azure, it will cost more than you thought.
    Currently, it seems that only a server that can handle web applications is required, but if a DB is required, it will be more expensive.
    If you say "I don't know well, I'd like to try it out for the time being", why don't you try running the web app with IIS on the surplus Windows 10 PC?
    At least complex combinations like rental server + Azure should be stopped.
    I say your server is exaggerated, but the combination of rental server + Azure looks more exaggerated.
    By the way, the above is described on the premise that there is already some kind of application and I want to run it.

    If you want to decide on a new specification and build an application in the future, you should define the requirements and ask the application creation company.
    In that case, let's decide whether the application can be operated only within the company, whether it can be accessed from outside the company, whether it can be operated by a browser, or whether an application such as Windows is created and operated.
    By the way, if you use an application like WindowsForm and access it from outside the company, you will get outrageous estimates, so please create realistic specifications.

    If you just want to output a form, personally you should create it in Excel or Word.
    (You can lay out as you like, and text will be entered wherever you want.)
    (The letters will be handwritten)