We use Google Tag Manager to collect keywords used in site searches.

By using the form submission as a trigger to get the string from the text box and set it as the label value,
I was able to tabulate with Google Analytics Behavior->Events.

However, if it is currently entered with a full-width or half-width space, such as "hoge fuga piyo",
They are collectively recognized as a single character string.
Instead, I want each word to be counted once.

If i just divide the string into spaces and put it into an array, you can do it with the following code,
I don't know how to send multiple tracking information based on this array.

var keyword = 'hoge fuga piyo';
var splitKeyword = keyword.split (/ |) /
// ["hoge", "fuga", "piyo"]

Thanks for your professor if you have any knowledge.

  • Answer # 1

    You can do it with a for statement

    If you have done so far, you have a rest.

    You can get each keyword with a for statement and hit the GA event each time.

    var keyword = 'hoge fuga piyo';
    var splitKeyword = keyword.split (/ |) /
    // ["hoge", "fuga", "piyo"]
    // Get array length (number)
    var keyword_length = splitKeyword.length;
    // For individual keyword acquisition
    for (let i = 0;i

    * The above JS has not been tested

    Because the description is different depending on the version of GA you are using (originally read JS), please refer to the following.

    For gtag.js

    For analytics.js

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