I moved the source of FuelPHP to the server, but I got the following error,
Could you give me some advice because I couldn't solve it myself? .

ErrorException [Compile Error]:
main (): Failed opening required '{server full path} /fuel/app/config/develop/constant.php'
(include_path = '.:/usr/local/php56/share/pear')
APPPATH/bootstrap.php @ line 32
32require APPPATH. '/ Config /'. Fuel :: $env. '/ Constant.php';

The environment is as follows.
・ PHP ver5.6
・ FuelPHP ver 1.7
-A shared server is used.
Since the migration has not been completed, no name server is set.

Confirm that the target constant.php exists (the path is correct).
Permission is also 644.

There was an article that an error occurred if the file called pear was not read
I checked php.ini
In the orchid of include_path.:/usr/local/php56/share/pear and
I think that it was read because it was described. .

  • Answer # 1

    Please check not only the file but also the directory access rights from /.
    Some parts have access rights that cannot be accessed from the web server process
    If it is in the middle of the directory, it may not be accessible.
    (With/var/var/www/var/www/project etc.)