As the title suggests, php cannot be edited from the WordPress administration screen.
I think that there is no problem in the code because an error appears just by adding a few characters to comment out in the php file of the plug-in immediately after installation.

Errors occur only in php files, and html and css files can be edited without any errors even if they are edited.

Error message
The PHP change was canceled because it could not communicate with the site to check for fatal errors.

・ Upgrade to php7.3.4 in server settings

・ Comment out `` Lines 492 to 599 '' of wp-admin/includes/file.php

Supplemental information

I tried the above, but it didn't improve.

If i search the information on the Internet, no more information was found.

  • Answer # 1

    First of all, if you comment out as in the reference page, you will not be able to avoid the trouble that the screen turns white when there is a timeout or syntax error, so I think that it is better to restore it (I'd always be confident that there was no mistake in the code, but I'm quite useful to avoid mistakes when testing the code).

    A server as you say? kind? It will be the influence of WAF that keeps security.

    Some servers are written with different names, so if you search for security related things and stop, you can solve them.

    It's quite cumbersome to turn off and edit each time, and turn it on when finished, so if you have no mistakes in the code, you can download it with FTP etc. and overwrite it in the same place after editing, or edit directly with SFTP I think so.

    There seems to be a lot of changes in the WAF settings, so it may have been adjusted in response to a complaint that the same problem has occurred, and it may have been resolved soon.

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