Troublesome things "
"About C language arrays"
"Fix this bug"
A good example of article title

"I want to specify the notification time with LocalNotification"
"An error occurs if you try to increase the number of elements in an array beyond a certain number"
"I'm in trouble with an md_send_mail error"
How to write text

Suppressing the five points makes it easier to get answers.

(Example) I am making a ●● system with PHP (CakePHP). ■■ I want to implement a function that does not work well.

Error message
Flow and procedure until problem occurs
Source code

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    I'm not sure what the IP address is for VPN or I'm contracted, but the IP address used when connecting I think.

    This is the IP address that appears when the confirmation confirmation message is displayed.

    From the Chrome console, https://codeday.me/jp/qa/20190301/340681.html The contents of this article may be acceptable (assuming that jQuery is read)

    ... Is there anything illegal about why IP addresses remain a problem?

  • Answer # 2

    ? ! Is the original question rewritten? !