Terminal operation

At the mac terminal

php artisan serve

I was able to start Laravel by entering

, but then

php artisan make: controller MyController

I want to enter

, but the command prompt has disappeared, or the above command did not create a directory.
What should I do?

・ Additional
Sorry for not understanding,

php artisan serve
If i enter, the previous $will be lost.
Does this make it impossible to enter commands?

  • Answer # 1

    php artisan serve

    After executing, you can stop execution with Ctrl + C.

    Or leave the above terminal as it is and open a new terminal

    php artisan make: controller MyController

    may be executed

  • Answer # 2

    php artisan serve

    is the command to start up the built-in server (let's check)

    Starting up the server means that it is in a standby state while the server is running.

    I think it's better to terminate the server or launch another command prompt.
    If the next thing you are trying to do is make, you don't have to worry about starting up the server.