I want to install a node package that will not be disclosed externally in the monaca environment.

The following package is specified in package.json, but this package is not open to the public (package used internally)

An error occurred when building an APK in a monaca environment.

You need to specify username and pwd of git due to error information, but this is secret, so you don't want to specify it clearly.
I want to `` git + ssh: //[email protected]: tripodworks-iot/tnk-lib-falc31.git ''

Can you tell me if there are any settings in monaca environment?

  • Answer # 1

    After creating local folder and uploading it to monaca environment, npm install was done.

  • Answer # 2

    Since it is a private repository, it cannot be obtained from Monaca's server at the moment, so why not upload the plugin as a zip?