I want to solve

I'm making a LINE bot that scrapes with Python.
An error has occurred in the import of BeautifulSoup, and it cannot be resolved.
After examining various things, I think that the installed Python is different from the installed part, but as long as I examine it myself, it seems to match.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me the cause and how to investigate.
Windows10, the execution environment is heroku.

Error log Checking with

heroku logsshows the following log.

2019-11-19T15: 35: 15.021825 + 00: 00 app [web.1]: sys.version_info (major = 3, minor = 7, micro = 4, releaselevel = 'final', serial = 0)
2019-11-19T15: 35: 15.022294 + 00: 00 app [web.1]: Traceback (most recent call last):
2019-11-19T15: 35: 15.022301 + 00: 00 app [web.1]: File "main.py", line 16, in<module>
2019-11-19T15: 35: 15.022528 + 00: 00 app [web.1]: import scrape as sc
2019-11-19T15: 35: 15.022534 + 00: 00 app [web.1]: File "/app/scrape.py", line 4, in<module>
2019-11-19T15: 35: 15.022708 + 00: 00 app [web.1]: from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
2019-11-19T15: 35: 15.022762 + 00: 00 app [web.1]: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'bs4'
corresponding code

The import part of scrape.py is written as follows.

# for debugging
import sys
print (sys.version_info)
import urllib.request
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import json
import requests
  • Install BeautifulSoup
    Whenpip install beautifulsoupis executed, the following is displayed.
    I understand that the installation is complete.
Requirement already satisfied: beautifulsoup4 in c: \ pg \ python \ lib \ site-packages (4.8.1)
Requirement already satisfied: soupsieve>= 1.2 in c: \ pg \ python \ lib \ site-packages (from beautifulsoup4) (1.9.5)

There is certainly a bs4 folder under C: \ pg \ Python \ Lib \ site-packages.
I don't know where heroku's Python says it can't be found.

  • Change environment variables
    The system environment variable was changed and restarted as follows, but there was no change.
    PYTHONPATH C: \ pg \ Python \ Lib \ site-packages

  • Check reference path in interactive mode
    Execution command and execution result in interactive mode.

>>>import sys
>>>print (sys.path)
['', 'C: \\ pg \\ Python \\ Lib \\ site-packages',' C: \\ pg \\ Python \\ python37.zip ',' C: \\ pg \\ Python \\ DLLs', 'C: \\ pg \\ Python \\ lib', 'C: \\ pg \\ Python']
  • Try various other commands
    I tried it while referring to https://www.tutorialfor.com/go.php?id=64929 ,
    I did not understand the cause well.
    Tappython -c "import bs4"⇒ Nothing special

Thank you. .
Please let me know if there is any missing information.

  • Answer # 1

    Do you have

    If you do not have this when deploying to heroku, the necessary modules will not be installed.

    It seems to be misunderstood, but deploying to heroku means running the program in a completely different environment from the one you are currently developing.