The source code is as follows.
The method called at touchUpInside with addtarget is being executed.
Even if you look at ViewUI Hierarchy, there is a UIButton, but the button name (proposed date) is not displayed.
If i know someone, please lend us your wisdom m (__) m

var button = UIButton ()
override fun viewDidLoad () {
 super.viewDidLoad ()
 button = UIButton (frame: hoge)
 button.backgroundColor = .white
 button.addBorder (side: .top, thickness: 3, color: .yellow)
 button.setTitle ("Propose a date", for: .application)
 button.setTitleColor (uiConfig.primaryColor, for: .normal)
 button.addTarget (self, action: #selector (buttonTapped), for: .touchUpInside)
 view.addSubview (button)
@objc private func buttonTapped () {
 print ("Tapped !!")
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    button.setTitle ("Suggest a date", for: .application)

    Change to


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