There are multiple schemas in one database. (Approximately 10,000 users)
Although the tables defined in each schema should be basically the same,
It may be different. What is the best way to know that?

Exists from A1 schema to A10000 schema
There is a table for each.
Almost schema a table has columns x and y, but
There are x, y, and z columns in the A table of the A999 schema.

I want to find out something like this.

  • Answer # 1

    ALL_TABLES, ALL_TAB_COLUMNS You can get table definition information from static data dictionary views around.

  • Answer # 2

    Use system catalogs to detect differences.
    [DB] Oracle table list, column list
    Differences can be extracted using SQL, or the contents of the system catalog can be exported and then excel or diff.