Currently creating a real-time chat for learning.
Since it seems necessary to implement two-way communication, I would like to incorporate it,
There are many implementation methods, and we are not sure which one to choose for efficient learning.
Please give me advice.

Environment Web server

AWS EC2/Apache



Backend language

PHP (no framework at this time)

The important factors when choosing
I think I would like something that can use my knowledge when implementing websockets in a more general way.

I thought it would be appropriate to use Ratchet from the PHP library to maintain the current environment.
If there are other methods recommended, please tell me the merits of each method and the way of thinking when selecting technology.

  • Answer # 1

    I decided to implement it with Node.js and Socket.io!

    The reason is
    Implementation of that set seems to be the most common method,
    I felt that it was not necessary to continue the technology currently in use because it was necessary to set up a separate websocket server.
    Because Node.js was also interested!

    Although it is a detour, I would like to learn from the basics of Node.js.