After launching Unity project this morning,
The components of the project that had no problem until now are almost in error
* What was originally in Unity instead of a self-made script was also an error

▼ The red frame in the image shows an error.

▼ Details of the error.


-This morning, UnityHub's update notification came in, so we updated it
・ It was the same even if I signed in and restarted the project
-Another project was in an error state as well as "phenomenon"
・ We have not upgraded Unity Editor itself
・ It didn't change even after installing UnityHub
・ Project is Android platform
・ Is the UnityEngine reference strange?

I have tried a lot, but there is no sign of improvement ...
If i have any clues to solving something, etc.

  • Answer # 1

    Unable to recover due to unknown reason.

    What did you do?
    ・ Previous project backup
    ・ Install the latest version of 2018 (2018.4.13) instead of the latest version of Unity
    ・ Start with 2018 version editor
    → It moved well in this process.

    Because a broken project started with the 2018 version, it remained broken, so
    What can come up with
    ・ The project was broken due to launching the project immediately after updating UnityHub
    ・ Upgrading the Unity editor to (2019.2.11) breaks the project a few days later

    This is about