I am making Windows software with Python and save ranking data in a text file with a different extension. I recently learned that there is a MySQL file, and I replaced the text file with MySQL. I wanted to try it

  • Is the software running on another PC without MySQL installed?
  • When using MySQL, are there any disadvantages and caveats compared to text files?
I would like to know two points of


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Windows10, Python3.7.3

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    Can the software run on another PC that doesn't have MySQL installed?

    It's not impossible with a net app, but it's impossible to move it as it is
    It ’s better to think of it
    If you want to centrally manage the data, there is also an odbc access method
    It is also common to access via the web


    When using MySQL, are there any disadvantages or caveats compared to text files?

    What are the benefits of RDB here?
    Search and aggregation speed, access control, conflict avoidance, etc. will be the main features

    I think SQLite is more realistic if you use it for local apps

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    If you put a MySQL database locally, it will of course not work without MySQL on another PC. .
    Conversely, if the MySQL server is running where you can access it on the network/Internet, you don't need MySQL on the client side.

    The disadvantages are the above, and if you don't have knowledge of MySQL, learning costs, server maintenance, etc., there are possibilities that there are more disadvantages than saving in text.

    If you want to run a small database anywhere without a server, isn't it good for SQLite?