DB table creation

I'm studying Java,
How should I create the following table?
Please let us know if you have any clues or URLs for resolution.

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    Use exactly the same tables and data as before

    I think it is written in "Last time".
    It looks like some book, but the book name is not presented, and even if you have the book, I think it will be "Look at the last time".
    I don't think Java is relevant. Since DB is another application from Java, please think separately.

    Added just in case.
    Even if you say "the table below", there are only table names, column names, and data contained in the images shown.
    "Table definition" is required. The column type, number of digits, nullability, key, index, etc.
    This is the content displayed in the "CREATE TABLE statement".
    So in order to "create a table like the one below", the definition of that table needs to be decided.
    That should have been written properly by the previous time.
    Programming books should not be skipped like novels.
    It is common to use the code and data prepared in the previous section.
    Please take care of the flow and procedures.