I'm thinking of creating my own web app. I would like to study with the goal of being able to create exactly the same web app as Qiita as a practice of the app that I am thinking about. (Of course, since it is a crisp, we will not release it)


I'm not sure which language (framework) to use for that.
The first thing I thought about wasvuejs and Django. The language I usually touch is Python, so I decided to write Django in the back end. And when reading the front end book, vuejs was the easiest to write.
However, when I looked into it, I felt that it was written that I could write a backend with vuejs and that I could write a frontend with Django.
Answer please.

Key points

Differences between vuejs and Django

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    I highly recommend that you start with Django personally.

    Django and Vue.js differences

    The place where it works is different.


    Django is a Python framework that runs on the server.


    Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that runs on the client (browser).


    Django can also deliver HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


    I felt like Django was able to write a front end.
      I don't understand well

    Create your first Django app, part 3

    This is not possible. Confused withNode.jsasBFFtoSSRwhen buildingSPAI think it is.


    Writing backend with vuejs

    Keywords: SPA, SSR, BFF, Node.js ...

    Cause of misunderstanding SSR-Srever Side Rendering

    It seems that it may be disadvantageous for SEO if the page is configured as "Loaded in browser", "Execute JavaScript", "Generate page" with Vue.js.


    Development was made with vue-cli without using Nuxt, so SSR (Server Side Rendering) is not possible.
      After making SPA a service that uses more than 1 million people per month, I struggled with SEO, so talk about DynamicRendering-StackOverflow

    In order to avoid this, it seems that HTML and CSS are generated on the server side. I see this being called SSR.

    Did you understand how to do SSR with Nuxt.js and Express? I did not understand well [explanation]-Qiita

    This is probably confused with Vue.js being available in the background.

    There is no SSR in Qiita articles or Google ’s official announcement! There seems to be a public announcement, but the impact will eventually diminish, but if you are running a very large service, you will probably use it. I wonder if it's a hobby.

    Server-side rendering unnecessary theory-Qiita

    React doesn't seem so interested in SSR.


    Because Facebook doesn't have much interest in SSR, React has difficulty in the ecosystem around SSR and needs the physical strength to assemble everything on its own. However, the area around Suspense may be leveraged.


    Vue.js + Firebase can be combined with SPA. However, making with SPA is difficult and can be frustrating.

    First, create a site like Qiita with HTML + CSS + Python (Django). I feel it is desirable.

    The link between Django and Vue.js is in the following book.

    Django REST Framework textbook that can be used in the field (Technical Book 7 version)