I'm trying to get started with Flutter and I'm looking at the official documentation. (Bathcom is macOS)

Directory structure

---- Users
      ---- userno1
             ---- AndroidStudioProjects
             ---- development
                      ---- flutter

Create a development directory as an application development directory and place it in it
It is the situation where the flutter directory that was downloaded and decompressed in ↑ is installed.
I don't remember creating the AndroidStudioProjects directory, so I think it was created automatically at some point.

In this situation, I want to create a Flutter project in Android Studio.
Select "Start a new Flutter Project" → On the next screen where "Flutter Application" is selected
The project cannot be created because the "Next" button does not work.
Maybe the specification of "Flutter SDK path" and "Project location" is a problem.
Project location by default
/ Users/userno1/AndroidStudioProjects
Is displayed, but I think this is a specification of the project creation location, so for me
/ Users/userno1/development
I want to.

How should I specify "Flutter SDK path" at this time?
Is there a problem with the directory layout?
Try "Project location"
/ Users/userno1/development
"Flutter SDK path"
/ Users/userno1/development/flutter

! Flutter SDK download canceled

Will be displayed.

How can I create a project?