I would like to set up heroku sendgrid in Rails while referring to this site.

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I typed this command
heroku addons: create sendgrid: starter

I also typed this command
heroku config: set SENDGRID_API_KEY = xxxx_api_key_xxxx

After that, when you type heroku config, SENDGRID_API_KEY is displayed.
It seems that the following two environment variables are not set. Isn't this environment variable set automatically? Can you tell me how to set it?


heroku addons: create sendgrid: starter -app app name
If i get a message like the one shown below with the command ↑, isn't that an add-on? Also, if you try to add in from the web, you will be asked to register a credit card even though it is a free plan. I don't want to register ...


  Creating sendgrid: starter on ⬢ App name ...!
  ▸ Please verify your account to install this add-on plan (please enter a credit card) For more
  ▸ information, see https://devcenter.heroku.com/categories/billing Verify now at
  ▸ https://heroku.com/verify

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    When using an add-on, it seems necessary to register a credit card even if it is a free plan. I registered a lot.

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