I am learning with rails-tutorial, but with heroku deployment (https://railstutorial.jp/chapters/beginning?version=5.1#code-heroku_create)
Even if you access the URL after doing heroku crete, Applocation error will not be displayed.
I would like to ask you what causes of the error and what to do.

Error message

2019-12-01T14: 33: 46.404336 + 00: 00 heroku [router]: at = error code = H10 desc = "App crashed" method = GET path = "/ favicon.ico" host = cryptic-castle- 21439.herokuapp.com request_id = 8112c948-7ffb-42b0-9a9d-d0ca120cc508 fwd = "" dyno = connect = service = status = 503 bytes = protocol = https

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    I solved it by referring to these three.