Stumbling on HP's corrections.
It seems that it is reflected on the client side, but only my side does not reflect the external CSS.
The file hierarchy is as follows.

├ css
│ └ index.css
└ index.html

It has become difficult to understand, but it has a css folder and index.html under the box.

Applicable source code

I read it by css/index.css.
However, in this case, it is sent with a path starting with/products and seems to be seen on the client side.
How can I read index.css with a path starting with/products?

Supplemental information

Because the products folder is a difference, there are other folders in the same hierarchy as the products folder.

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    A path specification that starts with/is
    Since this is the absolute path for the site root on the server,
    Basically, it is normal operation that is not reflected correctly in the local PC environment.

    To reflect in the local environment,

    XAMPPornode.jsetc. ・ Check via software such as DreamWeaver that allows you to set a pseudo root directory

    It is possible by the method of


    If the hurdles are high in this area,
    It is quick to upload to your web server via FTP and check every time.

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