VB (local app) matter
I have a DB locally and want to store data there.
(Currently in CSV format, re-baked project)
Microsft development experience is scarce, but generally for apps with a local DB
Will you use SQLServerLocalDB?
Or does it use a file type DB like SQLite?
* It is hoped that the DB will also be installed when installed by the installer.

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    Is it using a file type DB like SQLite?

    Since it depends on your requirements, you should consider using SQLite.

    But install DB file (?) as part of application underC: \ Program Files \andC: \ Program Files (x86)It is not recommended to use it as it is. (Rather, I have a hard time around access rights.)

    When installing or starting the app for the first time, it is good to create (or copy) a DB file in a directory with access privileges (such as a directory under the user profile) and use it.

    This answer is helpful.
    [WPF] Access rights to the database

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    Selection should change depending on the use case, so I don't understand the meaning of "generally", but can satisfy the requirements such as the type of data type In that case, I think SQLite is a powerful option.
    (I think you can expect only this answer if you do not detail the issues such as what kind of data will enter)

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    SQLite relies on file permissions for security, In an environment where you are logged in as an administrators user, there is anxiety in the sense that users can easily see and rewrite.

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    Is Access not an option?