I checked a little, but did not understand. How should we investigate?

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    A character that indicates the pointer type in the variable name naming policy called system hungarian notation.
    Reference: Wikipedia

    It is a naming policy that doesn't make sense now that an integrated development environment is common, but some people use it for historical reasons.

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    . How should we investigate?

    For the time being, search with "lp meaning"… If you search for it, it ’s just 2 characters, so it ’s easy to imagine that it will be confused with other things.
    Let's add another word here. What about "lp programming meaning"?
    ... unfortunately the landing page is overwhelming.
    So it's a prefix because it is prefixed. If you search for "lp prefix", the first two are Hungarian explanations. It is a hit.
    Or, this is attached to the function name, so "lp function name". Although the beginning is different, there are about 10 search results.