Problem i am experiencing

The video tag is used to set up a video that is played once when the page is opened.
When loading takes a long time, the head of the video will be cut and played.

<video autoplay muted playsinline poster = "-poster.png"><source src = "movie.mp4"></video>

I want the video to start after the loading screen is over.
Is it possible to play a video after judging that loading is complete or the loading page is finished?


Because I use a plug-in, I couldn't understand the details.
I tried "Best Preloader", "BH Custom Preloader", "Preloader", "WP Smart Preloader", but the same phenomenon occurred in all cases.
I checked it with something that can be set without setting the background (loading icon only), but it seemed that the video had begun while the icon was spinning.
Is it better to set it yourself without using plug-ins?