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Since chapter 6 of the rails tutorial is proceeding in the local environment and an error that cannot be fixed has occurred, I'm going to try again only chapter 6. In this case, should I download the file deployed in Chapter 5 from bitbucket and start again? Also, if I want to deploy a file edited in this way to the repository you have been using until now, will it be necessary to do the work like the first pegging again?

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    I haven't done the rails tutorial, but I just saw it now.
    If you startedgit pushat the end of chapter 5 and started working on chapter 6 as it is, I think it will be from the end of chapter 5 with the following command.

    # Revert modified files
    git checkout.
    # Delete newly created file
    git clean -f -d

    If you enter the commandgit statusin the directory whereRailsis being developed, you can see the difference from the end of Chapter 5 to the present. The