I'm new to WordPress.
html, css learned
php, js studying

Embed short code of post in page,
I want to output the title and date as follows.

・ Current status
[Title Title Title Title Title Title Post: 2019-00-00]

・ Ideal
[Title Title Title Title Title Title Title 2019-00-00]

● I couldn't find the css part in the browser developer tool.

Post: 2019-12-02

● I couldn't find the location in the php file in theme.

Supplemental information (FW/tool version etc.)

・ WordPress 5.2.4
・ The theme uses a free template called "cocoon".

  • Answer # 1

    From FTPwp-content>plugins>Shortcodes Ultimate>templates>
    ・ Single-post.php
    ・ Dedault-loop.php
    Please Confirm.
    There was a codein the above two files.

    In source,

    In the description of

    , the code of:By deleting and overwriting the file, "Post:" seems to be erased.