We are producing a hybrid app with monaca. The framework uses onsenui and the database uses Realtime database. I also use googlemap.
angularJS is not used.
The language used is
HTML css JS jquery

Error message

On Android, when you focus on a text form and text area, the keyboard stops responding and the upper status bar and lower navigation bar disappear.

Because the cause is unknown, I tried commenting out the suspicious part around the form, and trying other coldova plug-ins, but it was not improved and the status bar and keyboard somehow found a workaround However, I am in trouble because I can't find information about the navigation bar below.

Supplemental information (FW/tool version etc.)

The statusbar of the coldova custom plug-in is included in full-screen mode.

The first display is googlemap, but when you open other pages, the map is not displayed well, so always display the map and operate with z-index We are.

Because I am a beginner, I am sorry that I can not explain well, but since I have not been able to solve it for a long time, I am asking if I can lead to a hint or solution even if something a little bit.
Thanks for your cooperation.