I changed my name server.
Then I got a privacy error.
Communication will be unprotected.

The name server has been restored, but this is not cured.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to fix it
Please urgently

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    Even if written as urgent, you will not be able to answer if there is no information that can identify and identify the cause.

    In this question, you can't read the screen capture error message, and it's not clear what the changes were, so it's difficult to answer properly.

    Just answering with Yamakan, judging that it is common ...

    You have accidentally rewritten the CNAME host name corresponding to the domain or the IP address of the A record in DNS, and set the IP address of a server that is different from the SSL-enabled Web server. Wow?

    The DNS caches the information referenced by each DNS cache server (resolver) for the time set by the SOA record and TTL of the domain, so it is corrected to the correct information on the authoritative DNS server side of the domain. It will not be corrected immediately.
    There is no choice but to wait for the time that each DNS cache server has to clear the cache.

    Please correct the DNS record information of the domain to correct information and wait for the cache of each DNS cache server to be cleared and searched again to reflect the correct information.