I built a production environment with nginx, unicorn, rails6.
When accessing the page, the image of the slider created with slick.js is not displayed correctly
Specifically, it is a slider that slides a total of 5 images one by one.
The total number of images and Dots are 25 pieces of x5.
Probably because I changed the src of the img tag from the path specification to the specification by the asset_path method, I tried various things
I ’d like to give you some advice,
It is operating normally in the local environment.
Thank you.


application.js (slider part)
$(function () {
  $('. slider'). slick ({
    autoplay: true,
    autoplaySpeed: 4000,
    speed: 1000,
    accessibility: true,
    dots: true,

    $('. slick-dots li'). on ('mouseover', function () {
        $('. slider'). slick ('goTo', $(this) .index ());
  • Answer # 1

    It seems that a git conflict was happening, and all the unintegrated changes were displayed.
    When the conflict is resolved, it is displayed correctly.