I'm trying to install a dlib library on my mac, and I want to use Python for face recognition.
The following errors and trial and error have been repeated.

  1. Error when tensorflow.contrib is not found when executing the target sample code assuming tensorflow import
  2. $pip install dlib gives an error if cmake is not found
  3. $sudo apt-get install cmake gives error if apt-get command is not found
  4. After installing cmake as $brew install cmake (it took about 40 minutes), I got $pip install dlib and got the title error
  1. ~ It seems like we were able to solve 3 once, so we stumbled in 4.
    When I googled, I found an article that could be a hint, but I wasn't sure how to change it from 64bit to 32bit.

If anyone knows the solution, could you please tell me?

(If i need more details about 1-3, you can add it to your own knowledge)

  • Answer # 1

    It seems to be working on Python 2.7, but it seems that pip is a Python 3 variant.
    The md5 module is deprecated since Python 2.5, and if you try to import it with a recent Python 3 series, you will get an error like your question.

    Try the following steps:

    Confirm that the Python version to be used is the second version.

    $python --version

    If the version can be 2nd, run the pip module and install as follows.

    $python -m pip install dlib