raspberry pi4
vnc viewer

I don't know

I entered the IP address that was previously connected from windowsPC to vnc, but suddenly it could not be entered. Such an error message appears.

Timed out waiting for a response from the computer
I know

The monitor in my house is old and unusable due to low screen resolution. Previously, it was connected, so I set the screen resolution higher on the Raspberry Pi, so I couldn't use the monitor anymore. As a result, the screen of Raspberry Pi cannot be opened at present. Therefore, I don't think I can check the ssh settings.
My windowsPC and Raspberry Pi are connected by the same wifi. Since wsl is included, I would like to know if you can operate it from there. There are some places that could not be confirmed due to lack of knowledge or knowledge.

I want to solve

I would like advice to resolve the displayed error.
Since linux system is a beginner and Raspberry Pi is also a beginner, I would like you to give detailed instructions.

  • Answer # 1

    The easiest thing is to connect the RaspberryPi SD card to another PC and change the settings around the resolution → connect to the display and check the status.

    Using the RaspberryPi completely without a display is a relatively high hurdle, so it is recommended that you secure a state where you can connect to the display if anything happens.
    (There is also a connection to the TV.)

    If you don't want to use the display in the future,

    Prepare USB-serial conversion cable

    Connect the RaspberryPi SD card to another PC, enable serial communication with GPIO, and check with the serial console when ssh is not connected

    If it is set as

    , it will be limited to CUI, but it will be possible to perform various checks and operations when a problem occurs.

    The following is completely intuitive.
    RaspberryPi IP may not be fixed because the IP has changed without fixing.
    In that case, check the DHCP release status of the router, identify an IP that looks like it, and change the connection destination.

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    Because I asked the same question twice by mistake, I will delete it as self-solved.

    We have requested the removal of the other, so please answer here.
    I'm too rude for beginners. Thank you.