We are currently developing applications that use Twitter APIs.
Among the functions of the application, there is a function that presents by lottery from users who retweeted.
* Actually, it is up to DM transmission, and after the first DM, it communicates directly to users.
At first, I thought I could get it using GET statuses/retweeters/ids.
After actually making it work, next_curor always returned 0,
When I looked into it, I found that I could not get more than 100 recent retweets.
I'm investigating other ways to get all the users who retweeted, but I can't find it.
Can you tell me if you know?
  • Answer # 1

    It seems to be possible by repeatedly searching withGET search/tweets.
    As search conditions
    Retweet source text
    filter: retweets Use
    @userto narrow down by the user who tweeted (when tweeting, it is automatically tweeted with @)
    since_idsqueezes with a Tweet ID of the future rather than a Tweet ID
    If you search repeatedly while shiftingsince_idwith the latest ID of the search result, it is subtle whether it is possible to obtain a complete coverage, but depending on the idea, it can be obtained with reasonable accuracy I feel like that.