I'm a beginner a week after I started touching swift.
I wanted to make a Twitter client and tried to imitate the sample code.
I encountered the same problem as this person ( https://www.tutorialfor.com/go.php?id=12189 ) It was.
The answer has been resolved according to the answer from the best answer.
I don't know what to do when a new error occurs as shown in the figure.
I have investigated variously, but I am in trouble because I can only find vague answers such as setting an unnecessary argument.
I would appreciate your help.
Line 35: "Extra argument'error'in call"
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    Since there is "Swift 2" in the tag, the questioner seems to be using the 2 system, but the referenced question seems to use the 1 system.
    In the 1st and 2nd systems, method arguments have changed with the addition of new functions, etc., and it often happens that you can not build even if you copy and paste the 1st source. The
    In this case, it seems that the argumenterrorhas disappeared due to the addition ofdo try catch.
    So delete the extra argumenterrorand try usingdo try catch.