The email notification from the server set in crontab -e (the one set in the previous question) was arriving smoothly in my Outlook, but suddenly it did not arrive.
I want to set it to resume.

The problem i am having

When I check the date, it just doesn't arrive from the day after the problem occurred in the company network.


When the following command is executed among the commands set in Crontab -e,

mailx -s mail title *******.****@***.**.jp

The command prompt cursor keeps flashing while running and emails do not reach outlook.
Previously, when it arrived, this command could be executed and the mail arrived in outlook.


sudo cat/etc/sysconfig/network

After checking,

HOSTNAME = localhost.localdomain


sudo cat/var/log/maillog

After checking,
There are no logs before and after the time set by crontab -e since the day when the mail did not arrive.

Supplementary information (FW/tool version, etc.)

CentOS release 6.10 (Final)

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    It hasn't arrived since the day the company's network failed.

    Let's check the details. Check if the server administrator (you) has anything to do.
    Then, check the messages of various logs at the time of occurrence.

    If the network is normal, mail can be sent from the command line, the mail server is operating normally, and there is no ability to take detailed measures, and if you do not need to investigate the cause, restart the server and see how it is .